Both are completely healthy.

A miracle. No, two miracles.


Our Story


Jake & Josh Aron were born May 11, 2002, 

at Medical City Hospital in Dallas.
Josh had a heart operation on his fourth day. 
Two days later, Jake had a bowel operation 

that doctors didn't expect him to survive. 
Despite all that could've gone wrong,
BOTH beat every aspect 
of their extreme prematurity.

Sharing Our Story


You can follow the unfolding story through these original emails

Or, you can read the two-part, first-person story 

written by their proud dad that ran on the AP wire 

for Father's Day, 2008. 

The story was honored as one of the year's best AP feature stories. 

Part I 

Part II 

The Secret To Our Success

Pay it forward


When our boys were on the road to recovery, we knew we owed a debt of gratitude ... but, to who? 

March of Dimes


In 2005, we learned 

it was the March of Dimes.

The organization that wiped out polio is now working to give all babies a healthy start.

The more we've learned about the March of Dimes, the more committed we've become.

Marching for Babies


We've raised more than $60,000 since 2005 by Marching for Babies.

We've had a lot of fun, too, 

from passing out our business cards,

to being Dallas' Ambassador Family to designing Denny Hamlin's NASCAR.

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