Terrific news about Jake & Josh

Dear Jake & Josh fans,

Terrific news: Josh is no longer getting meals through his feeding tube. Jake isn’t either, which means that six weeks before they turn 4, our miracle men have cleared the final hurdle from their early birth.

They still have their buttons, and will for a little while longer just as a precaution. They’ll also always have “battle scars” across their bellies.

But the bottom line is that Jake & Josh essentially have completed their journey from 1-pound, 2-ouncers clinging to life, to being healthy, happy kiddos. We couldn’t be more proud.

This accomplishment gives us something else to celebrate one month from today, when the “Aron Family Team” hits the road for the March of Dimes’ WalkAmerica.

Thanks again to those who already have donated and/or have told us they’ll be joining us at the starting line, Saturday April 29 at White Rock Lake. We’ve already raised more than $2,000, putting us nearly halfway to last year’s total, which was the best in Dallas. More details can be found at our Web site: www.walkamerica.org/aronfamily.


Lori & Jaime