February 2017

Jake & Josh are fortunate to have a wonderful big brother, Zac. 

He also was our introduction to prematurity.

While  pregnant with Zac in 1997, Lori began having contractions at around 23  weeks (ironically) and was put on bed rest. She was given medicine to  hold off the labor and steroid injections to help speed the development  of his lungs. The day after she went off the labor-prevention medicine,  Zac arrived. That was Feb. 17, 1998.

Labor  was difficult -- landing Lori in ICU, as happened with Jake &  Josh's delivery. Yet Zac (and us!) were fortunate. Although he weighed  only 4 pounds, 12 ounces, he never needed any special treatment. He  avoided the NICU and all that goes with it.

Zac  was 4 when Jake & Josh arrived. There was no way for him to  understand everything that was going on, yet visiting his brothers in  the NICU must've reached him on some level because he's always  understood that Jake & Josh had a difficult start to their lives.

Zac  was the one who picked out the red and blue Beanie babies that we put  in their cribs early on. Once we realized the boys were the same size as  the bears, they took on extra meaning -- and have become almost as  iconic to us as the boys' footprints. 


Zac began learning  taekwondo in January 2004. Over the years, he has slowly but surely worked his way up in rank, through all the various color belts. On  Saturday, April 28, 2007, his perseverance paid off with him earning his  black belt.  

You can have look of pictures in gallery below !


Zac was 4 when his twin brothers were born and was nearly 5 by the time  they came home from the hospital. The older he's gotten, the more  curious he's become about their early struggles. He's now 10 and has an  amazing appreciation for what they overcame. Below are several examples,  all part of 3rd-grade classwork. (They are typed up as-is, followed by  scanned versions of the originals) 

Students were asked to write a true story and provide a one-page  illustratration. Here is what Zac chose to write about, without ever  telling us he did it; we found out when the entire class album was sent  home. 

My Brothers' Miracle Surgery

It  all happend five years ago, when my brothers were born four months  early. They were the size of Beanie Babies and they needed surgery or  they would not survive. Their arms were so skinney you could fit a dime  all the way down their arms. A few months after they were born it was  time for the surgery and the docters said, "They might not survive  through it." My mom, my dad, and I said goodbye to them, but the surgery  worked and they lived!! HORRAY!! I was as happy as someone curing world hunger.

Their names are Jake and Josh and they are now very healthy.

By their brother,
Zac Aron

Everyday hero

My  brother Jake is an everyday hero because he was a miracle baby. How is  he a miracle baby you ask? Well he is a miracle baby because he and his  twin brother Josh were born 4 months early and the doctors said they  would not survive but the surgery worked and they lived. Jake is now 5  1/2 and he is a very helathy boy and if you want him to sing in front of  1,000,000,000 people then he will do it without getting scared at all. 

Zac also came home one day with this thank-you note:

Dear Jake and Josh,


         Thank you for always helping me when I need help and why did you try to come out of your mom 4 monthes before you were supposed to. You are vary lucky you lived because I was super scard you were not going to live. If you two were not my brother then I probley would go on your web site and show all my friends and be braging that I know you. Love you.


Your brother,


One more note