From the in-vitro  doctor who helped us get pregnant to the OB/Gyn who treated Lori to the  phenomenal folks at the NICU, we are forever indebted to all the  caregivers from Medical City Hospital

Zachary still includes in his nightly prayers "Jake, Josh and all their doctors, nurses and friends." 

We  wouldn't have made it this far without those doctors and nurses, and  we're constantly thinking about the "friends" -- those that are NICU  alums like Jake & Josh, as well as those who weren't as fortunate.

Although  the building has changed a lot since we "lived" there, we enjoy going  back to see the folks we still know in the NICU. We visit every May to  deliver them treats on Jake & Josh's birthday and are regulars at  the summer reunions. 


A few years ago, Jaime spoke to a gathering of March of Dimes  officials from across the state, sharing our story and offering some  ideas. One of them was emphasizing the need to let people in the NICU  know that the March of Dimes is THE organization doing the most to fight  prematurity. (Heck, the March of Dimes invented the NICU concept!)

Coincidentally,  the chapter had been speaking with the brilliant folks at the Richards  Group, the nation's largest independently owned ad agency. Their  unforgettable campaigns include the Eat-Mor-Chikin series for  Chick-fil-A, the "We'll leave the lights on for you" ads from Motel 6,  plus Corona, Home Depot, Fruit of the Loom and others.

The  ads they came up were made with the idea of letting people know the  March of Dimes is there for them. To make this connection, people are  urged to visit the organization's popular Share Your Story Web site. 

The ads began in 19 of the 65 Level III NICUs in Texas -- the ones like Medical City  that deal with the toughest cases. They went over so well, the campaign  has been launched in California and Florida, plus made available to all  the states in the March of Dimes' Western Region. It may soon move to  the East, too, essentially making it a national campaign!

 The ads are stark -- a lot of white space with tiny footprints next to them. (No, not ours, but we like the way they think!) Next to the feet are the words: 


She's 2 lbs., 6 oz. Yet you're 

the one who feels small.

 In the bottom right-hand corner, the ad continues:


Sometimes parents need life support too. Our community of over 20,000 NICU families is here to help. Their stories of hope and inspiration are proof that they've walked in your very footsteps, no matter how small.

Visit us online. Read their stories. And share your own. 

Below are  scanned versions of the various items being used in the campaign,  followed by pictures from a visit to the Richards Group and our delivery  of materials to our favorite NICU, Medical City.


On Oct. 29, Jake was part of a continget that delivered some thank-you  goodies to Richards Group founder Stan Richards and the campaign team.  Jake and Josh each made thank-you notes that featured their current  footprints along with their original-sized prints from their business  cards. Josh was sick on the afternoon of the delivery, though, so Jake  handled the visit by himself.