To stoke a fierce fund-raising battle between Texas and California  District Managers for Farmers Insurance Group, we were invited to share  our story and put on a little show at a gathering held Feb. 6 at an  airport hotel.

Playing off the word "march" in the March for Babies  campaign, we came up with having Jake sing and Josh dance to the tune  of "Boots Are Made For Walkin,'" with Zac helping tell our story.

The  song went over so well that Jake didn't even get to do the chorus for a  second time, as planned. He was interrupted by an extended standing  ovation -- or, as he later described it, "One person stood up, then  another, then everyone." The diva also later said, "I told you they  would do that." Then he proceeded to sign autographs for everyone who  was interested and for those he convinced to become interested. (A few  days later, we received the following note from his teacher: "Jake  enjoyed singing for the class during Show & Tell! He then told the  children that famous singers like to give their fans autographs and so  he did!")

Below are a few pictures, which culminates with the video of the show.