WalkAmerica with the Aron Family

Dear Jake & Josh fans,

The March of Dimes' WalkAmerica event is only two weeks away and we have more details to share.

Regardless of whether you can join us -- at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 30 -- it would be great if you could go to our Web site (www.walkamerica.org/aronfamily) and click on "Register to Walk" along the left side of the page. The reason: Corporate sponsors have agreed to donate to the March of Dimes $3 per registered walker, regardless of whether those people actually walk.

The registration part is a bit confusing because it makes you create your own Web page; unfortunately, that's the only way of doing it. Still, it should only take a few minutes as there are only nine boxes that are required (they're the ones with pink asterisks).

For those of you who really will be joining us, we request that you send us a follow-up e-mail so we can get an exact head count. We need this because ...

  • We want to try getting T-shirts for everyone from the March of Dimes. In your e-mail, please mention what size you'd like so we can do our best to match 'em up; they only come in adult M to XL. (See below for what happens when we guess on sizes)
  • We have coupons for free transportation via DART. Event organizers insist this is the only way to go because there is hardly any parking in the area. We'll send more detailed info once we know you're coming.
  • Sonny Bryan's is catering the tent for all the family teams and we need to let them know how many people they'll be feeding. They especially need to know how many kids, 12 and under.

A few more tidbits:

  • Strollers and wagons are fine if you're bringing little ones, but skates and bikes are strongly discouraged.
  • In addition to BBQ, the family teams tent will also have a clown to entertain the kiddos and the young at heart.
  • If friends or relatives want to sponsor you, feel free to have them go to the Web page you make, or just direct them to ours.

We know we have at least 20 walkers and more than $2,200 in donations, both of which are terrific. If you would like to contribute, the best way is through our Web page. And, since today is tax day, it's worth mentioning that we have March of Dimes donor receipts to help you deduct your donation on next

year's return!

Thanks so much for supporting us and this great cause.


Lori, Jaime, Zac, Jake & Josh 

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That's Jake on the left and Josh on the right, both bummed because their parents got them shirts that were way too big!