Jake & Josh - Marching right along


Dear Jake & Josh fans,


To new members of our distribution list: Welcome to the annual e-mail update about our miracle twins, and our ongoing effort to help other families beat the odds and raise healthy, happy boys like ours.


To our loyal followers: We're sending this a little later than usual because we've been so busy chasing around our First Graders. 


Jake & Josh are zooming toward their 8th birthday full of energy and activities: Music, art, drama, sports, computer/video games ... and homework, a new concept. 


They've also gained a keen understanding of the unusual start to their lives: born 4 months too soon, each weighing 1 pound, 2 ounces, then spending their first seven months in a hospital.  


While their health is terrific now, there are constant reminders of their extreme prematurity -- from Jake's missing front tooth that won't ever fill in to the holes and scars on their bellies. And then there's our work with the March of Dimes, the organization making sure one day all babies are born healthy.


The annual March for Babies walk is April 17, and we'd appreciate your support of our Aron Family Team, as a walker, donor or both. (Attention potential walkers: It's a 3- or 5-mile walk around WhiteRockLake, starting at 9 a.m. Call or e-mail us for more details.)


A highlight of last year's March for Babies walk came before the starting gun was fired, with Jake singing the National Anthem. Best of all, we raised more than $5,700, bringing our cumulative total to $36,700. With your help, we hope to soar past $40,000 this year.


The best and easiest place to make donations and to sign up to walk is our March for Babies page:  



For more details about the boys (and the pics, video of Jake singing at last year's Walk), check out our Web site: 



Two cool videos we'd like to point out are ...



Thanks for your love, support and friendship -- and for helping us Save Babies.



Lori, Jaime, Zac, Jake & Josh